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Hot Start Fix & Test TOOL for VAG & FORD

Original price was: £90.00.Current price is: £50.00.

If a diesel engine struggles to start when hot, but starts easily when cold, then you have a Hot Start Problem. Diesel engines are started by the ECU, not by the driver, and this means that pressing the accelerator during start-up won't inject fuel into the engine. Use this software to fix / test / check HotStart issues on AUDI - SEAT - SKODA - VOLKSWAGEN - FORD  

MODSLocker: OBD & TPROT file Locker/Unlocker: Ultimate ECU file Protection for Tuners

Original price was: £150.00.Current price is: £89.00.

Protect your tuning work & lock out competitors! TPROT/OBD Lock disables ECU reads & writes, ensuring only YOU can access the tuned file. Must-have for tuners & workshops! This software can add or remove TPROT ( TUNING PROTECTION ) and E-OBD lock! That means nobody can read or write an ECU that you locked other than you! This software is a must have if you want tp protect your work from being stoled or if you want to lock a cutomer to your workshop If your customer is going to another shop they will not be able to reflash or read the ecu! ONLY you can do it !

VAG BOSCH ME7.X.X + ME9.X.X ANTILAG / 2STEP / No Lift Shift Software pack

Original price was: £400.00.Current price is: £269.00.

This is a simple offline and online tool, which lets you add the following functions to most ME7.X and ME9.X ecu = Anti-Lag ( AL / ALS ) > Launch Control (LC) > No Lift Shift (NLS) – ANTILAG functions – Launch-Control (LC) – No Lift Shift (NLS) - 2Step Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT, Skoda, Volkswagen

AFTuner – AIO STAGE 1 – EGR – DPF – DTC Tuning software

Original price was: £500.00.Current price is: £141.00.

AFTuner ( automatic file tuner ) - is a revolutionary all in one windows based remapping software for professionals & enthusiast.

  1. Instant stage 1 or 2 tuning
  2. EGR OFF
  3. DPF OFF
  4. DTC OFF
  5. Checksum validation



Launch control is an electronic aid to assist drivers of both racing and street cars to accelerate from a standing start. This software will add lc with or without popcorn to your ecu file Features

  • Adds launch control
  • Can make popcorn effect ( just like hardcut but on launch control )
  • Can make without popcorn
  • Unlimited usage

vMax remover ( ECU Speed limiter )

Original price was: £120.00.Current price is: £75.00.

Manufacturers mostly define speed limiters to the engine control units for each car. This is present either in the EPROM section or the flash section in the engine control unit. Speed limiters can be changed or permanently removed using our software. How is working?

  1. read file from your car
  2. open file in our software
  3. press " remove limit " or set a limit
  4. Save file and write to your car


Original price was: £700.00.Current price is: £149.99.

Add the following functions to BOSCH ME7.x.x & ME17.3 Fiat / Abarth / Alfa Romeo TJET engines.ANTILAG functions – Launch-Control (LC) – No Lift Shift (NLS) ATTENTION: This is ALPHA software, which means you pay to help developement! It may work or it may not work at the moment! Future updates are free!

MODSFinder 2.0: Automatic Stage 1 Tuning Software & Original/VR Files in seconds

Original price was: £299.99.Current price is: £129.99.

Are you looking for tuning files but takes too long? Your old tuner is not avaiable 24/7? MODSFinder will simplify your workflow. Get original and VR files from our database or apply stage 1 changes to a selected file in less than 10 seconds. MODSFinder is the most advanced software available to get a quick & potent tune.
  • Tune original files stage 1 in seconds
  • Access Original /VR /BDM files immediately
  • Software with unlimited free downloads – no hidden costs at all.
  • 24/7 Support & custom solutions cheaper
  • 3 ways of searching for files: Automatic file search ; ID.txt from kess v2 and manual search by HW / SW
  • Monthly updates
Effortless file search: scanning automatically a selected file or using ID.txt from KSuite or manually search by HW, SW or SW.Upg version guarantees an ideal file retrieval process in minutes. Don’t worry any more about not having any help as there is always support available. MODSFinder is for everyone: Professional tuners save time and impress clients with a short waiting time while DIY enthusiasts get access to tools which guarantee perfect tuning results like those of professionals.


Original price was: £150.00.Current price is: £95.00.



Original price was: £200.00.Current price is: £120.00.

Special services for VAG BOSCH EDC15 / EDC15P+ / EDC15VM Volkswagen , SKODA, SEAT, CUPRA, Audi

CHKSuite – Universal ECU checksum correction tool

Original price was: £249.99.Current price is: £101.99.

Introducing CHKSuite - the ultimate checksum correction tools for professional tuners. Our set of tools allows you to not only correct the checksums of original files but also to calculate the checksums of modified files with ease. With CHKSuite, you'll be able to ensure that your tuning files are accurate and error-free, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your work. We understand the importance of accuracy in tuning, which is why we have developed CHKSuite to be user-friendly and easy to use, even for those who are new to checksum correction. Our tools are designed to save you time and effort while providing precise results. Short list of compatible ECUs. New ECUs will be added via free updates. The software supports more ECUs than listed

  • Bosch EDC15, Bosch EDC16, Bosch EDC17, Bosch MED17, Bosch MG1, Bosch ME7, Bosch ME9, Bosch MSA11, Bosch MSA12, Bosch MSA15, Bosch M1.5.5, Bosch M5.2, Bosch ME1.5.5, Bosch ME2.0, Bosch ME2.1, Bosch ME2.7, Bosch ME2.7.1, Bosch ME2.7.2, Bosch ME2.8, Bosch ME2.8.1, Bosch ME17.8.42
  • Siemens MS41, Siemens MS42, Siemens MS43, Siemens MS45, Siemens MS52, Siemens MS54, Siemens MSS6, Siemens MSS60, Siemens MSS65, Siemens MSD8, Siemens PPD1, Siemens Simos6, Siemens Simos10, Siemens MSS70, Siemens MSV70, Siemens MSS80, Siemens MSD81, Siemens PPD
  • Delphi DCM3.1, Delphi DCM3.2, Delphi DCM6.2, Delphi DCM6.3, Delphi MT35, Delphi MT86
  • Denso 275036-1010, Denso 275036-1080, Denso 89661-12F10, Denso 89661-12L10, Denso 89661-14L50, Denso 89661-16L30, Denso 89661-2D600, Denso 89661-2D670
  • Visteon DCU102, Visteon DCU104, Visteon DCU106, Visteon EEC-V, Visteon EEC-VI
  • Marelli IAW5SF, Marelli IAW59F, Marelli IAW5AF, Marelli IAW5NF, Marelli IAW5R, Marelli IAW7GF, Marelli IAW7GF, Marelli IAW8F, Marelli IAW8GMF, Marelli IAW16F
  • Transtron EDC
  • Hitachi SH7058, Hitachi SH7059
  • Temic DME MS41.0, Temic DME MS42.0, Temic DME MS43.0



Simplify your life ! Use this software to add antilag or soft launch control on your customers BOSCH MED9 ! Manual or DSG Gearbox! Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT, Skoda, Volkswagen

ECM-TITANIUM TRAINING – Stage 1; Popcorn; Hardcut; P&B; EGR ; DPF; Launch; IMMO OFF (diesel and petrol)

Original price was: £759.00.Current price is: £300.00.

Unlock the full potential of your customers with our ECU TUNING STAGE 1 training for both petrol and diesel engines. Whether you're a professional flasher or just starting out, our training program will take your tuning skills to the next level.

  • Petrol STAGE 1 Training
  • Diesel STAGE 1 Training



This software designed to add overrun burbles / crackles / pops and bangs / flames / bangs in your ECU files when the driver lets off the accelerator pedal on their petrol vehicle!
  • Fast and simple to use
  • Takes just a few seconds to apply the pops & bangs patch to a read file
  • Load a file and select how aggressive you want the pops
  • If the software can't patch the file, simply send us the file and we will do our best to add support

Hardcut / Ignition cut TOOL for PETROL


This software will help you do ignition cut instead of fuel cut. Simply select a file, select the right ECU then choose a RPM to cut the ignition.

HardCut Limiter / Popcorn Diesel TOOL v3.0


VW, AUDI, SEAT, SKODA, MERCEDES, BMW, OPEL & VAUXHALL, RENAULT, DACIA, SUZUKI, KIA, Hyundai, FORD, FIAT This tool will allow you to set a new rev limiter / hardcut / popcorn on most cars on the market without needing any support from a tuner. Version 2.9