ModsFinder – Automatic tuning software

Simply select your original file and ModsFinder will return a list with available mods for you!



  • Automatic update – It’s gonna check if a new version it’s released at startup
  • UniqueID function – If you paid for a file or you ever requested a custom file you will be able to access it 24/7 in “My Files” tab
  • Manual file search ( Search in our File database )
  • Custom file request

ATTENTION: This software is usually compatible with older ecu files. Don’t waste your time trying it on anything over 2015.

Additional information

Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

Net Framework

2.0 >

Internet connection



RAM: 128MB >
HDD: 50MB >
Processor: 300mhz >

More details

When you select your original file the software will read its checksum and compare it with every single original file we have in our database. If another original file from our database will match your selected file then it will search for a MOD file.. we usually give every file a unique name.. for example, golf_file_001.ORIGINAL .. If your file will match with our golf file, to check if we got any mods in the database we are looking for the same file name but a different extension.. in this case, we can have: golf_file_001.original ; golf_file_001.stage1 ; golf_file_001.stage1-egr-dpf-off
This software will provide you maps only if we did in the past a file with the same SW / HW / SW.UPG etc. ( only 100% match )
You can send us your original file and we will add the original + any mods you will request to the " My Files " tab… How does the software know it's your file and why doesn't it show it to everyone else? Because we are using a " Unique ID " function. This will make the software show you files from our database only if they match your Unique ID