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MODSLocker: OBD & TPROT file Locker/Unlocker: Ultimate ECU file Protection for Tuners
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Protect your tuning work & lock out competitors! TPROT/OBD Lock disables ECU reads & writes, ensuring only YOU can access the tuned file. Must-have for tuners & workshops!

This software can add or remove TPROT ( TUNING PROTECTION ) and E-OBD lock!

That means nobody can read or write an ECU that you locked other than you!

This software is a must have if you want tp protect your work from being stoled or if you want to lock a cutomer to your workshop

If your customer is going to another shop they will not be able to reflash or read the ecu! ONLY you can do it !


Unleash the full potential of your tuning business with our TPROT/OBD Lock, the ultimate ECU protection software for novice, professional tuners and workshops.

Unmatched Security:

  • TPROT Lock: Permanently disable ECU communication, preventing unauthorized access to your meticulously crafted tunes. ( DIAGNOSTIC will still work as expected, only tuning tools won’t connect )
  • OBD Lock: Restrict read and write operations on the ECU, ensuring only you can modify the software.

Peace of Mind for You and Your Customers:

  • Protect Your Work: Safeguard your intellectual property and prevent competitors from copying your tuning configurations.
  • Customer Retention: Lock ECUs tuned by your workshop, encouraging customers to return for future modifications.

Supported ECUs:


Opel / Vauxhall / FCA:
Bosch – EDC17C19

Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, SKODA, SEAT, CUPRA, Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche and Ducati:
Bosch – EDC17U01
Bosch – EDC17U05
Bosch – EDC17CP04
Bosch – EDC17CP14
Bosch – EDC17CP20
Bosch – EDC17CP24
Bosch – EDC17C54
Bosch – EDC17C64
Bosch – MED17.5


Bosch – EDC17C06
Bosch – EDC17CP02
Bosch – EDC17CP09
Bosch – EDC17CP45

VAG Group:
Bosch – EDC16U
Bosch – EDC16U1
Bosch – EDC16U2.1
Bosch – EDC16U31
Bosch – EDC16U34
Bosch – EDC16CP34
Bosch – EDC17U01
Bosch – EDC17U05
Bosch – EDC17C46
Bosch – EDC17C54
Bosch – EDC17C64
Bosch – EDC17CP04
Bosch – EDC17CP14
Bosch – EDC17CP20
Bosch – ME7.1
Bosch – ME7.5