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Custom EDCSuite / VAGSuite v1.4.1.0 – EDC15P / EDC15VM+ editor
£45.00 £25.99

Newest version of EDC / VAG Suite it’s here and it’s fully customisable.

Easy to customise ( Edit settings.ini with notepad )
Set your own Windows Title / Logo / Startup image
Lots of bugs fixed
Added some new EDC16 ecu’s


After download please open ” settings.ini ” and modify as you wish. Example:


company_name – this is gonna show up at the Splash screen bottom left

company_logo   – the logo when you start the software ( We reccomend an image 640×480, it must be placed in the app directory, you can also insert a link to a picture, must start with http:// and end in .jpg or .png )

windows_title   – it’s gonna be the new name for the software.

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