CUSTOM ECU File Tuning Service 

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Please include your whatsapp phone number, don’t forget to add country code, example +44 7xxxxx
Please attach the ECU DUMP + HW / SW / SW Upg. ID ! Add everything in a ZIP archive .
Please tell us what mods have you got on the car, if you want launch control at what RPM would you like it.. everything else we should know.

*Please keep in mind prices may vary, to get the most accurate price please contact us.


Designed for a standard and unmodified vehicle, a stage one remap increases power and torque while also improving fuel efficiency, making for a more responsive drive without flaw or compromise.


A broken swirl flap can fall into the intake causing numerous problems that could have been prevented from the off. Originally designed to maximise efficiency, it can be removed with little repercussions or reductions in performance.


Stage two dramatically increases power and torque than the prior, but the change in efficiency will not be as drastic as is seen in a stage one tune. Hardware is often required to be installed beforehand also.


Removing the speed limiter will allow your vehicle to reach its full, raw potential, saving you time and money in the process. You will also see an increased level of fuel economy in your selected car too overtime.


If your EGR valve is failing, we will remove it seamlessly for you. Doing this reaps many benefits like improved throttle response, improved economy, reduced carbon deposits, lowered engine temperatures, and much more.

The DPF can become quite the nuisance as the DPF can misfire, firing warning lights and cause LIMP mode. Removing a misfiring DPF can be essential for you to maintain a smooth, clean drive.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced, reliable and qualified

Firstly, we can provide a service of such a high standard that you’re guaranteed an outcome which goes above and beyond your wildest expectations. Secondly, our wide array of services talk for us, telling you, the customer, that we are highly experienced and ready for any situation or car you throw our way, ensured that we can handle it professionally and successfully. And lastly, throughout the whole process, we have you in mind constantly, making sure you’re totally satisfied with absolutely everything.

Our highly-qualified team is extremely reliable and on top of the game to make sure that you get your service as convenient and as straight-forward as possible. We’re an email, call, or quote away from contact, so feel free to get in touch and we can arrange a date or job, specially catered for you and your selected car.

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