Hardcut / Ignition cut TOOL for PETROL

This software will help you do ignition cut instead of fuel cut. Simply select a file, select the right ECU then choose a RPM to cut the ignition.

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– ME3.X / ME5.X
– ME7.1 / ME7.1.1 / ME7.5 / ME7.X
– MED9.1
– MED17

You will receive free updates lifetime
We will need your HWID to activate your license
The software can also detect if NOREAD tags
Strongly recommended to be used only on cars without catalyst convertor.
Ignition cut means you will get flames.

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VW, AUDI, SEAT, SKODA, MERCEDES, BMW, OPEL, VAUXHALL, RENAULT, DACIA, SUZUKI, KIA, Hyundai, FORD, FIAT This tool will allow you to set a new rev limiter / hardcut / popcorn on most cars on the market without needing any support from a tuner. Version 2.9

POPS AND BANGS / Overrun Software for Tuners


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  • Takes just a few seconds to apply the pops & bangs patch to a read file
  • Load a file and select how aggressive you want the pops
  • If the software can't patch the file, simply send us the file and we will do our best to add support