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Special services for VAG BOSCH EDC15 / EDC15P+ / EDC15VM

Volkswagen , SKODA, SEAT, CUPRA, Audi


We are happy to present you a list with our new services for BOSCH EDC15 / EDC15P+ / EDC15VM for VAG ( Volkswagen , SKODA, SEAT, CUPRA, Audi )

  • OVERRUN / POPS AND BANGS ( Yes, just like overrun on petrol engines )
  • HARDCUT with flames ( ak47 mod )
  • HARDCUT with popcorn – the usual way
  • FLAMES map – with hardcut and lift pops
  • Deep idle mod
  • Fake cams ( Ghost mod )
  • Replacing ECU ID with your OWN brand name ( replacing 0281xxx with your own name )
  • File encryption
  • Other services: SMOKE MAP, EGR / DTC / MAF OFF

Everything will be made by our team in house.

Please contact us to provide a proper price quote.

Example video:

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This download will include the STAGE 1 ECU DUMP / READOUT file for EDC15 OVERRUN / HARDCUT / FLAMES / POPS AND BANGS

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Stage 1, 2 or 3

Economy / Power map / Mixed power maps

DPF / EGR / NoX / O2 ( Lambda ) Adblue / Speed Limiter OFF

Pop & Bang / Pops between gears and/or Hardcut ( Ignition cut ) / 1.9TDi Flames hardcut

Antilag / No-lift-shift / Launch control / Popcorn

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We don't take responsibility if you choose the incorrect software version for your car. But we are here to help you fix it!
When choosing a file, be sure to be the same SW / HW number as yours! Contact us If you're not sure!
We can’t take any responsibility if you write files with low-quality clone tools and writing will fail or you will have checksums problems!
You must also distinguish between different types of readouts like OBD, BDM, and Boot mode.
For example, you cannot write an OBD readout by BDM, but you can write a BDM readout by OBD.

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Usual waiting time is maximum 3 hours.