ECM-TITANIUM TRAINING – Stage 1; Popcorn; Hardcut; P&B Tutorial (diesel and petrol)

Take your tuning knowledge to the next level with our training! Learn how to make a good stage 1 / 2, petrol or diesel.

  • Petrol STAGE 1 Training
  • Diesel STAGE 1 Training

We will teach you how to use ECM-TITANIUM in all ways.

  • Petrol stage 1 tuning – 250 GBP
  • Diesel stage 1 tuning – 250 GBP
  • Petrol Pops and Bangs
  • 2D maps editing
  • 3D maps editing
  • Diesel Hardcut
  • How to use the software and all of its features
  • How to compare files
  • How to learn changes in another files
  • How to find drivers manually if they don’t exist
  • Dyno logging
  • Etc

Training will take place via TeamViewer and will take about 3 – 6 hours (based on your knowlage). After training will be completed we will still offer free support and double check if you doing any mistakes in your next 10 files.

We can work on our own copy via teamviewer if you don’t own yet an original copy of ECM

This is a full training course, we will teach you enough to get a perfect stage 1 on dyno or without.

This download will include the STAGE 1 ECU DUMP / READOUT file for ECM-TITANIUM TRAINING – Stage 1; Popcorn; Hardcut; P&B Tutorial (diesel and petrol)

Didn't find what you are looking for? Take a look at our huge ECU original and tuning files database to find the original file that you need or contact us!

We are here to help 24/7! TUNING-DATABASE it's a large file provider based in UK

Stage 1, 2 or 3

Economy map or Power map

DPF / EGR / NoX / O2 ( Lambda ) Adblue / Speed Limiter OFF

Pop & Bang / Pops between gears and/or Hardcut ( Ignition cut )

Antilag / No-lift-shift / Launch control / Popcorn

Having checksums issues? Check our checksum tool - CHKSuite - 90% ecu's coverage 

We don't take responsibility if you choose the incorrect software version for your car. But we are here to help you fix it!
When choosing a file, be sure to be the same SW / HW number as yours! Contact us If you're not sure!
We can’t take any responsibility if you write files with low-quality clone tools and writing will fail or you will have checksums problems!
You must also distinguish between different types of readouts like OBD, BDM, and Boot mode.
For example, you cannot write an OBD readout by BDM, but you can write a BDM readout by OBD.

Additional information

ECM-TITANIUM ( We can provide a copy if you don't have one )


We will support you 24/7 anytime when you need it or if you don't undestand something