MMS Flex Online ECU Remapping Tool

Magic Motorsport Flex Slave is quite possibly the best remapping tool on the market currently for those wanting a tool that will grow with them for not just remapping but to opening up new opportunities for functions such as engine ecm immobilizer off, engine ecu and gearbox tcu cloning (TCU Only on full package).


This tool is ideal is as its two tools built into one so even on the base “OBD / Bench” package you can read a large selections of ecus right upto date not only by obd but also in bench (or service mode). Magics tech support team in Italy with unrivalled support enable you to have to confidence to become one of the best tuners in your area knowing your without a doubt the best equipped with this tool in your arsenal.

With Diamond Tweeks Files as your master files supplier supporting you for your ecu calibration files you can be sure you can complete any job in the shortest time scale and day throughout the week as we work 7 days and are here to support you through each job you undertake. Should you have any question whilst working on a job you can be sure for a fast effective response.

Use your FLEX to easily tune, reprogram, upgrade or modify the software of most control units directly through the OBD socket of the vehicle. An internet connection gives you access to all the potential that the tool offers you. If your working on a newer ecu which cannot communicate by OBD there will generally be an option to use Bench (service mode ) to read the ecu directly without the need to open it up too. And for advanced and repairing jobs if you have the full package use the Flexbox module to program your control unit in an array of connection methods like JTAG , Boot BDM etc with the ecu open just as you would with Ktag or Trasdata.

With the highest quality components the device detects eventual connection or communication errors thanks to the concept of its state-of-the-art design.

We offer two packages on this product

Flex Slave Full OBD / Bench / Boot / TCU / DSG – Whilst retaining the same OBD / Bench functionality as above with this full package here you now also get advanced ecu open functions such as Bootloader Tricore, BL Nexus MPC5xxx, Renesas SH705x, BL Infineon C165/166/167, BL ST10, JTAG NEC 76F00xx Generally only found in other pure boot mode tools like Ktag or Dimsport Trasdata. In addition to these useful engine ecu functions the other big advantage of flex full is you get DSG / CVT gear box functions by OBD, Bench and Boot modes. So you need to clone gearbox TCU unit for your workshop no problem use bench mode to connect the wires to the gearbox tcu. For example you would like to tune the flash maps area of a gearbox on a AUDI RS4 or BMW M140I for matching the stage 2 map engine you`ve uploaded no problem flex full package will do it allowing you to do so by OBD offer more services than your other competitors in your area with TCU mapping and cloning for most makes and models.

Package includes

# SKU code Quantity Description
1 FLK35 1 Cabling kit: FLX3.5 color coded wiring harness
2 FLK42 1 Adapter kit: 6 pcs set of pin adapters to FLX4.2
3 FLX1.1 1 FLEX Base Module
4 FLX1.9 1 FlexBox Module for FLEX
5 FLX2.10 1 Connection cable OBD: FLEX to CAN/Kline RED
6 FLX2.11 1 Connection cable OBD: FLEX to ENet GREEN
7 FLX3.9 1 Connection cable: USB 2.0 AM-BM BLK 1.8m
8 FLX4.9 1 Power Supply adapter 110-240V 14V 5A
9 FLX3.3 1 Connection cable: FlexBox port C to NEC 7F00 XX
10 FLX3.4 1 Connection cable: FlexBox port D to BDM MPC5xx
11 FLX4.1 1 FlexBox port E 40 pins adapter for FLX3.5
12 FLX9.1 1 Flex & FlexBox diagnostic adapter
13 FLX8.10 1 FLEX Branded Box
NB: Flex branded black plastic suitcase isnt included and available optionally