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KSuite v2.70 for KESS V2 5.017 (CHINA OR EU) – SOFTWARE only


  • 80% of WAKE UP errors are now fixed
  • Fix RSA bugs
  • Improved checksums
  • No more Unmatched Key
  • PCR2.1 Unlock corrected
  • "Tool locked" fix
  • Connection stability improved
  • 100% stable & safe to write EDC17 & ME(D)17 via OBD - TESTED
  • Improved Read and Write speed via OBD
  • New protocols
  • Full instructions ( HELP FILES ) for any ECU from the latest original KSuite
  • Latest original Ksuite DLL for checksum calculation
  • UPX uncompressed DLL's
  • MED17 protocols are fully fixed

KESS V2 5.017 SD CARD Files – Repair kit – Memory card reset


This kit includes everything you need to fix your kess if you have problems with kess v2 like:

  • Broken SD CARD
  • No protocols or gray cars icon
  • Checksum error
If this kit won't help you please message us! This kit include only software! You may need a new SD CARD