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ECM-TITANIUM TRAINING – Stage 1; Popcorn; Hardcut; P&B Tutorial (diesel and petrol)


Take your tuning knowledge to the next level with our training! Learn how to make a good stage 1 / 2, petrol or diesel.

  • Petrol STAGE 1 Training
  • Diesel STAGE 1 Training

Remap File Database – 20.000+ Files Original + Stage 1 & 2


*Limited time offer! This database contains 20.124 files, Original, stage 1 and some stage 2 All files are sorted by Model / Make / Engine size / Fuel type / ECU Model / ECU HW / ECU SW / Stage



This is a tool, which lets you add the following functions to most ME7.X ECU: - ANTILAG functions - Launch-Control (LC) - No Lift Shift (NLS)

Custom EDCSuite / VAGSuite v1.4.1.0 – EDC15P / EDC15VM+ editor


Newest version of EDC / VAG Suite it's here and it's fully customisable. Easy to customise ( Edit settings.ini with notepad ) Set your own Windows Title / Logo / Startup image Lots of bugs fixed Added some new EDC16 ecu's

KESS V2 5.017 SD CARD Files – Repair kit – Memory card reset


This kit includes everything you need to fix your kess if you have problems with kess v2 like:

  • Broken SD CARD
  • No protocols or gray cars icon
  • Checksum error
If this kit won't help you please message us! This kit include only software! You may need a new SD CARD

VAG EDC15P TUNING TUTORIAL / eBook / Pinout ( all you need to know )


The Bosch EDCxx series (Electronic Diesel Control) ECUs is a widely used system for modern diesel engines. It is used by BMW, VAG, Opel, SAAB and many others. This document and the described VAG EDC15P suite software will only focus on the Volkwagen Audi Gruppe (VAG) specific implementations in the EDC15P models. These ECUs are used in the PD engines (Pumpe Duse) from Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat. Other EDCxx ECUs may work in a similar fashion but will differ in certain areas. The document describes the EDC15P ECU in detail. It will first describe the hardware and proceed with a even more detailed description of the software that is running in the ECU so that we can learn how to tweak and tune the ECU to match the hardware – altered or not – that is on the car better.